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Did you know that the space station offers many different varieties of toilet paper? The have coarse, Russian paper, baby wipes, regular old American stuff, and more!

This 25 minute video is definitely worth the watch and gives a really comprehensive tour of live on the International Space Station. Your tour guide is Sunita Williams, who commanded the station while she was up here.  I have to admit, I got a little claustrophobic, especially when they go into the Soyuz landing craft, but this makes me want to go into outer space super badly!

Dr. Mae Jemison isn’t so much a Science Crush as she is someone who I am completely in awe of. Prior to a little research, I knew Dr Jemison was an astronaut and an advocate for science education and underrepresented minorities in STEM fields. But when I checked out her full biolography, I swear this women is one of the most accomplished people on the planet.

The Dr. in front of Mar Jemison’s name isn’t just for show. She was first educated as a medical doctor and went onto serve in the Peace Corp. Both of those those things require a way stronger stomach and way more toughness than I possess.

You think that might be enough of an accomplishment for someone’s life. After all, it takes a lot of work to become a doctor and you do a lot for other people through the Peace Corps. But for Dr. Jemison, that wasn’t enough. So apparently the next step was to become an astronaut. Why? Because of Star Trek. Seriously. (Because of her fandom she even got to star in an episode.)

She officially went into space on theEndeavorin 1992. It gave her a chance to rock these short shorts like I’m sure no other astronaut ever has.

Going into space is cool and everything, but it just wasn’t enough for Dr. Jemison. This just shows how amazing she is. Most people would say “Oh, I went to space, that’s enough accomplishment for this life” but not Mae.  Post-NASA she founded her own company to research and develop technology for everyday life. Yes, NASA was too passe for her, so she founded a company for new ideas and inventions.

She also founded an international science camp for children, an educational excellence program in honor of her mother, and a medical device company. In her spare time, Dr. Jemison dances, is a college professor, and speaks four languages (and hard ones, too: aside from English there’s Russian Swahili, and Japanese). And she pretty much looks like a model.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Mae Jemison goes well beyond the qualifications of a normal science crush. And while looking at all her of amazing attributes may have left me feeling a bit unaccomplished as I sit on my couch writing this in my pajamas, I’m glad that there are scientists out there like her.