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I have a very early talk this morning. The third of the day in my session. I want to go back to sleep.

I found the best way to practice a talk last night. I went out with some friends and had some drinks. I decided to practice because if I can get my message across while buzzed, I can do it sober, dammit. But since we all had sangria and were being silly, my friends wrote accents down and we put them in a hat. Well, an empty pastry box, really. For each slide, I had to go a new accent. My wookie accent was actually pretty good. But everything else just ended up sounding kind of Irish, especially the Canadian one.

My lab mate got a different challenge. We wrote actions he had to complete during each slide. He was the most comfortable with the challenge of posing as if in a body building competition while talking. He incorporated that one really well. The task of thinking really hard about burritos was both odd and funny.

Later that nigh I had a dream with Neil deGrasse Tyson in it. We talked about science and he gave me a hug. A wonderful, amazing hug. And he smelled so good. I hope that is a sign from the science deities that my talk will go well.

Day one of the American Physical Society March Meeting. I made sure to get to the exhibitors early, as that’s the prime opportunity to score free stuff before booths run our or get too crowded. I’ve definitely refined my “grabbing free swag” style since I went to my first March Meeting. Then, I was over-eager to take anything. But that learn to lugging a heavy bag full of stuff I would eventually throw out. Now I know not to take most of the free magazines/journals and that most free pens suck. I go straight to toys, edibles, gadgets, and anything that obnoxiously lights up.

So far I’ve scored:

  • A full sized Hershey bar and bag of Peanut M&Ms. This is awesome because most vendors only put our bowls of bite sized candy.
  • A light up lanyard with blinking lights. I love kitch and shiny/lit up things, so this is perfect. I’m wearing it now.
  • Some physics pins
  • A nice pen
  • Chopsticks from the Physical Society of Japan
  • A tape measure
  • A 4GB flash drive
  • A DVD of PBS’s “Nova: Fabric of the Cosmos” series
  • Magnet noise makers: I make sure to get a pair of these every year.
  • Portable band-aid holder with band-aids
  • A light up yo-yo

Overall, it’s a pretty good haul, because I didn’t really try that hard to hit up every booth. Except one of the pins is kind of sexist.